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A Gutsy Feeling​

This page is part of a large project and collaboration with CME provider Academy of Continued Healthcare Learning (ACHL) to create material to empower patients with ulcerative colitis to speak up about their health. This project included:

  • Partnership in grant

  • Consulting with ACHL on material

  • Collaborating with other IBD advocates

  • Building web page

  • Building and collaborating on a social media strategy

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2018 Midterm Election Guide/Results

This landing page was created to be the best tool kit possible for WPSD's viewers in four states. This major project includes:

  • Partner & vendor management to publish election results

  • Research & writing information on states' election laws

  • Team management & writing on key local races

  • Collaboration with our sales department to find sponsors

  • Graphic design

  • HTML coding

2017 Total Solar Eclipse​

This video shows you a page I developed before and after the total solar eclipse on August 23, 2017.  This project needed:

  • HTML coding

  • Embedded widgets

  • Facebook Live videos & other social media

  • Digital photo galleries

  • Video playlists

  • Graphic design

  • Team collaboration

International Women's Day: Mary Wheeler

For International Women's Day 2018, I produced on-air and digital stories about four local women who you not heard of, but have changed history. This included Mary Wheeler, one of the largest collectors of riverboat music. This project included:

  • Researching

  • Investigating story tips

  • Lengthy interviews with subjects

  • Logging & writing

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WPSD Sky 6 

When WPSD/Paxton Media Group decided to train three of our four drone pilots, we agreed a page would not only bring transparency to our work but also allow us to showcase it. I used Wordpress to create graphics, a gallery, company policy, downloadable manual, video and story playlists, and embedded code for some of our best social media posts.

Our video and story playlists also pair with our OTT app on FireTV and AppleTV.

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