What others have to say

"It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Manda Barger for a position at your company. She has worked alongside me on the Board of Directors for Girls With Guts, a registered 501(c)(3), since 2019. Manda started out as Secretary and soon after stepped into the role of Director of Development. Manda has been involved with GWG for much longer, though – initially by submitting a guest blog. Our team decided we couldn’t let her go and the rest is history!

She is an extremely thorough, organized and punctual volunteer for our organization. She is also incredibly hardworking, a great team player and puts her heart into everything she does. Manda has impressed me with her dedication and passion and often goes above and beyond her duties. She takes feedback well and is constantly proving how expansive her skillset is. I am consistently impressed by her abilities. 

As a knowledgeable Board member and an all-around great person, I think she would be an incredible asset to your team. So far, as Director of Development, Manda has nailed every project that has come her way, positively impacting the sustained growth of our organization. 

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss Manda’s qualifications and experience further. I’d be happy to expand on my recommendation."

President, Girls With Guts

-Alicia Aiello

"Having spent 13 years working directly with major broadcast television brands -- Post-Newsweek Television Stations, McGraw-Hill Broadcasting, Hearst Television, Meredith Corp, to name a few, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the highest caliber of digital content teams. In this context, I'm more than happy to offer the strongest possible recommendation for Manda Barger with regard to her digital media skills and my direct experience working with her as the WPSD website host and partner on various digital projects.
Manda is a skilled writer, editor, video editor, content creator, project manager, et al., who successfully manages a myriad of television broadcasting roles who consistently maintains a unique enthusiasm and drive to master all the technical aspects of digital media. Manda's experience includes managing projects that typically involve complex technical CMS integrations, building new and engaging display layers for online content, creating a mobile content strategy, as well as the ability to consistently and successfully own a rolling list of competing priorities. In addition, Manda displays critical leadership
qualities as she works with her team to create and deliver the highest quality of digital content to her audience.
In my broad experience with a wide range of experienced professionals working in the digital space, Manda is one of the most enthusiastic, exceptional and dedicated."

Sr. Customer Support Manager, GTxcel

-Susan Inglis

"Please accept this letter as a recommendation for Manda Barger for your company. I met Manda a couple of years ago after she was recommended for the newly formed American Red Cross Purchase Area Community Advisory Board. I was told that Manda was very detailed, responsible and organized. All the things we needed for the board. Well, when I met her, she more than exceeded my expectations.

Manda has deep roots in the Red Cross through her family but she has made her own roots in our Chapter. Manda has been more than willing to help with just about every project we have had since becoming a board member. She has made sure that everything was in place and everyone knew their place!

Manda has led the charge for the past several years for our part in BBQ on the River, our largest chapter fundraiser. Her organization skills and attention to detail were put to the test as she helped lead the team to fill 120 time slots over event. Each year was a rousing success and in large part to Manda.

Manda has been a blessing to our 24-county chapter and the advisory board where she is now the Vice Chair.  To just say she takes pride in the work she does is really an understatement.

While, we will really miss Manda, I know that she excited for the next chapter in her life. She has been an asset to the Red Cross and I know she would be for you, too. I would be more than happy to provide more information if you need it. Please feel free to call me at 270-683-2438 or email me at evelyn.miller@Redcross.org."

-Evelyn Miller

Executive Director, Western Kentucky Chapter

American Red Cross


"I've had the privilege of working alongside Manda Barger in her role as a Producer as well as Evolving Media and Content Manager at WPSD-TV. As it was my first reporting job following college graduation, I was green to say the least. I credit Manda with equipping me with the skills and confidence needed to learn the job.  

Two words, in my opinion, best describe her: friendly and creative. On a "slow news day," she'd always find a way to make the first block of news exciting for the folks at home. As a manager, Manda worked to ensure we met our daily goals and had the tools to make them happen. Manda leads by example. When an employee on our team was unable to make it into work, she'd immediately step-up to help get the news of the day out quickly and correctly. She also conducted trainings on social media techniques to help each reporter in the building succeed.

Manda is also a problem-solver. Whether it be severe weather, election coverage or a high-profile trial, Manda thought outside the box to find the best way to tell the story. It's a cliché, but it's true, she also works well with others. No matter the day the news of the day or the weather outside, she's always genuinely interested in how others are doing.  

I'm convinced she'd be an asset to your organization."  

-Blake Stevens

Reporter, WATE-TV